Three Day Workshops
Champlevé Enamel on Silver

Learn how I make my champleve enamel jewelry!  We will start with sheets of fine silver, saw out the design, and fuse the bases using an acetylene torch.   Then you will learn how to inlay the cloisonne enamels into the silver bases and create a beautiful champleve pendant!

No prior experience is necessary, but if you've never done any jewelry making or enameling, I might recommend starting with the 2 day workshop.  But it's all good! 

Tuition includes all materials needed to make a small enamel pendant and the use of any tools and equipment that you may need, although you are welcome to bring your own tools. I will have extra supplies available for purchase if you'd like to make more than one piece.  

Please contact me at, call 919 880-2910, or fill in the form below if you would like to participate in a workshop.

Upcoming Dates


Friday August 16, 2019 - Sunday August 18, 2019

This Class is FULL!


Friday October 18, 2019 - Sunday October 20, 2019

This Class is FULL!

Friday November 8, 2019 - Sunday November 10, 2019

This Class is FULL!

Friday December 13, 2019 - Sunday December 15, 2019

This Class is FULL!

If you’d like to get on the waiting list for any of the full classes, email me at

Three Day Workshop Details

  • Class size is limited to 3 students

  • Tuition is $575 per student

  • Includes enough materials to make a small pendant and use of all my equipment and enamels.

Location: 201 E Davie Street, Studio #105, Raleigh, NC 27601
Time: 9am – 4pm each day.

(We'll take a 30-45 minute lunch break around noon.  There are many restaurants within walking distance, so you'll have many options!)

My studio is an easy walk to several great hotels!  Click here for location and accommodation information.

Day 1:

Students are encouraged to bring a drawing or other design they would like to make during the class.  But it's not required!  You are welcome to make one of my ready made designs I have prepared. One the first day, you will learn how to cut out your designs, and fuse them using an Acetylene torch.

Day 2:

The second day will primarily be spent in bending silver wires to match your design and prepping the silver base with counter enamel.  Ideally, we will also fire the wires in place.

Day 3:

Yay!  The best part is today- applying the enamel colors!  We will wash the colors students have selected and learn how to apply them to the piece.  I will show you some good shading techniques and other tips and tricks to getting the best results.  After all the enamels have been applied, you will learn how to grind and polish your beautiful work of art so it will be ready to wear!


To sign up for a class, Please contact me at or call 919 880-2910. (Or fill in this handy form below!)

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