"Bright Wing Tiara"

This is my very first tiara.  I can't believe it took me this long to make a tiara, and now that I've made one, there will be many more to follow...

My design was fairly simple, just pretty angel wings with a heart shaped filigree centerpiece.

I used fine silver wires, but added 24k gold wire circle accents.  Just for fun!

My color palate was shades of baby blues and opal whites.

After the first firing.  These are still hot- you can tell because the colors are green instead of blue.  As they cool, they settle into the proper color.

Why make just one?  I'm making a whole wedding party!

Here's my filigree wire laid out on paper.  I used some double stick tape to hold things in place.

I started out putting the solder carefully on each joint...

But by the end, I was winging solder left and right like a pro and just using my pick to keep things in place.  

Here's the final product.  Perfect for weddings and crime fighting!