Red enamel can be tricky.  I probably have 20 different shades of red, but I only trust 3 of them not to be a disaster.  I'm taking a bit of a risk with this new shade, but it's so ruby red and delicious I thought it was worth the extra trouble.  I'm still a little nervous about it so I'm going to get the color down as fast as possible and get some clear on there to try to minimize the danger of the red reacting to the silver or getting splotchy.

The first layer went down fine, so I'm feeling a bit better.  I'm mixing the deep ruby red with some lighter shades of red, plus some yellow oranges for the belly and wings.

I'm also making another large necklace that was inspired from an Etruscan painted portrait I saw a while back.  It's simple, but I like the shapes, and the colors will be a nice gradient of green.  It's a refreshing offset to all that irksome red!  Anyway, here it is: