Raleigh Treasure Hunt!

My friend Lillian Jones is doing another treasure hunt next week, and I have made the grand prize, a sun and moon pendant:

Summer Solstice Treasure Hunt 2010

When and Where: This Treasure Hunt opens on the Summer Solstice at exactly 7:28 am on June 21, at Five Point's favorite cafe, The Third Place. The maps will be available then, and Lillian will be there from 7am to 8:30 am to give out free small Summer Solstice Treasure maps and sell the larger Treasure Hunt posters.

Cost: The Summer Solstice Treasure Hunt is free and anyone can play for pleasure. I hide a silver key in Raleigh, and if you find it you win and keep the key as a prize. If you purchase a poster (cost: $7.07) and find the key, you can exchange the key for the Grand Prize, the Solstice Pendant . If the First Finder hasn't purchased a poster, no one wins the Grand Prize.

For more information, visit Lillian's Site (http://www.raleightreasurehunt.com/news.php)

Good Luck!