Feeling very Autumnal!

I've been a busy little bee these past weeks. This is, by far, the largest grouping of work I've ever done at one time. But it's been very enjoyable. I'm trying to decide if I should push the larger pieces (the dragon and the lotus necklace) all the way to completion first, because then I could get them photographed in time for the Autumn shows. I'll decide today if that's the way to go or not.

Yes, a Lilly pad! It's a fairly large piece, and it's going to be a pin. I've got some great new pinks and creamy whites, and I'll contrast it with a green background. Which will sparkle over that gold leaf!

These are the wires for the Lotus Necklace. They are all fired in place and ready for color. It's going to be very vibrantly hued, I promise.

I'm just started the best part of the whole process- the painting of the enamels. I'm doing the dragon in shades of blues and greens.