Finished Work!

Here are the finished pieces, hot off the presses!

Sorry, can't stick around to chat this morning, as I'm off to Pullen to work on my next batch of jewelry. I don't have a torch system in my studio yet, so I do all my fusing at the Pullen Park Arts center. They have an awesome jewelry studio, and it only costs a dollar a day to go use it. Even better, it's a mile from our house, and I can chat with my friend Betty while I work!

Things I'm just getting started on now: A crazy dragon necklace, an elephant, an intricate lotus flower necklace, some funky garden pins, and some new earring designs. It's all very exciting! I've got all the silver all cut out, and now I just need to fuse it all together to make my bases. I've never done pins before, so that will be interesting. I'm going to actually make settings for those, but more on that later...

Ciao for now!